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The documentary ‘Di Sebalik Nama Ismail Sabri’ shows Ismail Sabri’s struggle to restore the country

The documentary ‘Di Sebalik Nama Ismail Sabri’ shows the Prime Minister’s efforts and success in restoring the country’s economy and raising the dignity of the Malay language.

Through the documentary lasting more than 30 minutes, various parties including the National Literary, Datuk Dr Anwar Ridhwan; Economics Lecturer at the Center for Financial Economics and Banking Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Associate Prof Dr Irwan Shah Zainal Abidin; Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin; UMNO Head of Information, Shahril Sufian Hamdan and his son, Nashriq came forward to talk about the authority and leadership of the Prime Minister.

Among the successes displayed in the documentary is his efforts to bring the country out of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and restore the economy to the point of successfully recording the highest achievement in Southeast Asia.

Through the documentary, the people can not only get to know the Prime Minister more closely but also learn about the hardships he went through to restore the country’s economy.

It also highlighted his seriousness and persistence in ensuring that Bahasa Malay continues to be fought for and become the second language of ASEAN.

The documentary also explains the concept of the Malaysian Family that is often mentioned by the Prime Minister, where it results from the instinct of always wanting to take care of his family members and then bring it to the people.

Although brief, the documentary is packed with information and manages to give a true picture of the successes and efforts made by the prime minister.

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