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The concept of the Keluarga Malaysia continues to inspire all the people – PM

The concept of the Keluarga Malaysia which is an important agenda of the government at the moment, in building harmony and fostering the spirit of goodwill and unity continues to be well received and inspired by all the people.

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, said throughout the 12 months that the concept was highlighted as soon as he led the national administration, this family spirit was clearly evident from among the people of various races, making this concept well-liked by all.

“From my observations, the people are increasingly accepting because the Keluarga Malaysia is easy to understand.

It is not difficult, the concept of family is present in our daily lives. Every family has a guardian who takes care of other family members. The concept is the same as the government that exists today.

“Everything is a family. So we need each other. We help each other. I believe that if there is a family that is in trouble, we will definitely give priority to helping our family,” he said.

He said this in an interview with the local media in conjunction with one year of his administration at the Prime Minister’s official residence, Seri Perdana in Putrajaya last month.

Ismail Sabri was sworn in as the 9th Prime Minister of Malaysia on 21 August 2021. A day after that, he quickly announced the idea of ​​a Keluarga Malaysia which emphasized three main pillars, namely Togetherness, Inclusion and Gratitude.

The Prime Minister explained, not only to the majority of the people, the emphasis on the Keluarga Malaysia concept is also instilled in government administration affairs.

“That’s why, in terms of government employees, I stress to them. If we used to work as a team, now we work as a family. If we go to Sabah and Sarawak, this is a fairly common thing in terms of relations between races, religions and so on.

“So the concept is already with us, we just magnify the concept not only our family, but Malaysians as a whole. I saw when doing the Keluarga Malaysia Aspiration Tour, in terms of acceptance and what was asked about this concept that many people understood and considered it a things we need to continue and maintain,” he said.

Highlight the tolerance of the people When asked about the impact of this concept on sensitive issues that often occur in society, Ismail Sabri said that the spirit of the Malaysian Family to some extent highlights the level of tolerance of the people.

“I didn’t do a study, but I saw in terms of race relations, it was quite good even once before, racial issues, religion always come out, these days in social media. But now it seems that it is decreasing.

“I consider it a success because for us the Keluarga Malaysia, it means that every individual in this country accepts this concept,” he said.

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