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Press Statement of Former Research Officer in the office of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim

I, Muhammed Yusoff, 26, am a former research officer in the office of DSAI. I was attached to DSAI from September 2018 to May 2019.

On the 16th of May 2019, I was physically assaulted by DSAI’s political secretary, Farhash, causing me grievous bodily harm.

I have since lodged a police report and attached my medical report for further confirmation of the extent of my injuries.

Unfortunately and disappointingly, the authorities have failed to take action on the above mentioned matter.

Due to the mentioned failure of the authorities to further take necessary actions, I have proceeded to file a civil lawsuit against my assailant and the press secretary of DSAI for releasing to the media slanderous and defamatory statements about my person.

I would like to state on record here that the defendants in my lawsuit have on more than one occasion offered to settle this matter out of court.

I would like to stress here that my pursuit is not motivated by any form monetary senses but I would like justice to be meted out.

The assault in my working environment is not normal or acceptable and I have since discovered that it is likely related to other incidents that occurred to me during my employment with DSAI.

In my statutory declaration, I have detailed out the incident that transpired in the residence of DSAI towards me, attached with all the necessary and relevant evidence.

As it is not yet been made public, I can only describe the matter as UNISLAMIC, VILE, INSIDIOUS, MORALLY REPUGNANT AND CRIMINAL IN NATURE.

I have reasons to believe that my unwillingness to cooperate with DSAI had eventually led to the assault in the office.

I am a victim of serious crime, committed on me by so called public servants/politicians.

I am without support or defence, having had no representation to push my matter through.

All attempts for me to get justice have been thwarted and I have faced further intimidation to drop my pursuit to obtain justice.

I have attempted to meet with several known individuals(so called leaders) such as Hilman, Kamaruddin Jaafar, Hisham Rais and Cikgu Bard within the public sphere to seek advice but have been turned away, sidelined or failing to help me pursue the matter.

It has been close to seven months since my assault and till today I have had no details about the progress of my report.

It is apparent to me that all talk about justice is merely a lip service, and political gimmicks.

I am extremely disappointed with the way things have occurred.

I must ask, is there no justice for the little guy in Malaysia?

Muhammed Yusoff Rawter
Dec 4, 2019


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