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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Weekend returns with PHYGITAL approach, focuses on sustainability concept 

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Nov – Kuala Lumpur Fashion Weekend (KL Fashion Weekend) 2021 has finally made a momentous return, with a new twist, as it will be the first fashion event to be presented in ‘PHYGITAL or Digi-physical’, a combination of both physical and digital world.

Taking place online from Nov 25 to 28, the designers featured in KL Fashion Weekend 2021 represent the whole spectrum of the Malaysian fashion industry.

More excitingly, the public can create their own avatars to walk into the metaverse exhibition.

Event Producer and Founder of KL Fashion Weekend 2021 Dodi Mohammad says altogether, 28 designers are expected to showcase their collections in one of the most awaited fashion shows in this city.

“The digital world includes the metaverse and Non-fungible Token (NFT). This is new in Malaysia and will be making history for the fashion industry locally. For the first time in history too, we will be introducing NFTs for fashion.

“Since we are still battling with COVID-19 and everything is moving towards digitalisation, we are digitalising things as much as we can. We are doing NFT, whereby certain designs will be turned into NFT. Digital fashion and NFTs may offer a solution to the industry’s physical waste problem,” he tells The Malaya Post.

NFT is a revolutionary concept and Dodi said that it would open doors for fashion brands in terms of ownership rights, transparency and authenticity, creativity, and engagement, thus open-up multiple attractive opportunities.

The apparels displayed in the event can also be displayed and listed on the  metaverse that enables each avatar to interact in the virtual world with all the digital assets listed.

“We can have our avatar going around the showroom to have a look, or even try the newly released fashion collections. This may attract more visitors, virtually, to visit the metaverse exhibition, meaning the outreach will be substantial than the usual fashion show,” Dodi says.

Organised by Tradisi Busana PR and proudly supported by PENJANA and MyCreative, the recording of the event will be held at Rumah Tangsi.

Dodi, who is also the Malaysian publicist for Prof Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE, says the concept of sustainability in the fashion industry is one of the missions that will be highlighted through this prestigious event.

“We want to introduce a form of system for the industry. We want our designers to look at our own production. They don’t have to go to India, Vietnam or China to make their clothes. They should look at our people before they go out.

“The clothes are not for the fashion people only, but also for the people who buy fashion. We want them to appreciate clothing more,” he adds.

Designers featured in KL Fashion Weekend include big names such as Alta Moda Presentation; Zang Toi in collaboration with Nang Surya Batik, Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi and Lord’s, and emerging designer labels i.e., Wan & Mary, Tym Fatimah, Bin Qareem, Ked Depo by Faisol Abdullah, Atma Alam, Jafiqa and Ash Majid, as well as promising young graduates from UiTM and Raffles who have recently entered the industry.

Meanwhile, Gina Subki, Corporate Communications Manager for MyCreative says KL Fashion Weekend 2021 is a positive start to the opening of the economy as Malaysian fashion goes digital prioritizing sustainability and incorporating local elements and textures with a fresh approach.

“This will hopefully jumpstart a ‘renaissance’ movement of the creative arts in Malaysia following the pandemic after-effects. MyCreative is here to play its part to help promote and support this industry by offering loans and grants, training to upskill especially in digital skills and marketing efforts online,” she says.–THE MALAYA POST

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