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Create and Join Fantasy Premier League

Pricdator’s of fantasy premier League (FPL) is a trending strategy game, where every user need to predict which player can score more in game in each week.  Users is given £100M to spend for any fifteen players they want include in their squad. 15 players are chosen based on 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards.

The point will be calculated based on 11 players they choose as a first team of their squad. Substitute player or bench player point will be calculated only if any player that user choose as their first team is not play in that week. The substitute is depending on the position of the player that does not play and the formation that user used. The player that users can choose only apply to football player that played in The Premier League in England.

Here is how point is given to every player: –

  1. Scoring a goal (forward): 4 points
  2. Scoring a goal (midfielder): 5 points
  3. Scoring a goal (goalkeeper/defender): 6 points
  4. Assist: 3 points
  5. Clean sheet (goalkeeper/defender): 4 points
  6. Clean sheet (midfielder): 1 point
  7. Playing up to 60 minutes: 1 point
  8. Playing more than 60 minutes: 2 points
  9. Goalkeeper saves: 1 point per 3 saves
  10. Penalty save: 5 points

Users also can lose a point by this situation: –

  1. Yellow card: -1 point
  2. Red card: -3 points
  3. Own goal: -2 points
  4. Goals conceded (goalkeeper/defenders): -1 point for every 2 goals let in
  5. Missing a penalty: -2 points

Other Tricks: –

  • 1 free transfer in every week: Users can have 1 free transfer in every week. if the transfer more than 1 player, each player will cost them 4 point deduction
  • Free hit: It will allow users to make changes more than 1 player in that week only without any point deduction. The following week, the user team will change back to the previous week before user using free hit. This Free hit can be used one time only in one season.
  • Wild card: : It allows user to make changes more than 1 player without any point deduction. The changes is remain in the following week and will not changes as previous week (Free hit).
  • Bench Boost: The substitute/bench player point will be added to your overall point in that week if you activate it. It can be used one time only in one season.
  • Captain: Any player that you pick to become a captain, the point of that player will be multiple by two. This tricks can be used every week.
  • Triple Captain: This trick can be used one time only. Thinks wisely before you activate it because the player that user choose to become a captain, the point that the player get will be multiple by three.
  • Bonus Point: The three best players in each match, as adjudged by the Fantasy premier League statisticians, will be award 1 point, 2 points and 3 points. Players one and two will get 3 points each if there is a tie for first place, with player 3 getting 1  point. If there is a tie for second place, player one gets 3 points with players two and three getting 2 points. If there is a third-place tie, players three and four receive one point out while player one gets 3 points and player two gets 2 points. These points will be added an hour after the final whistle of the last match of any given day.

Reason people like to play this game: –

  • Create your own league/head-to-head competition.

People love to compete each other. Here they can form a league among their friends and see who has better strategy based on the highest point their team get in every week and also in a one season. Sometimes, they also need luck when player they choose maybe a player that not well known but suddenly get highest point.

  • Improve knowledge of Premier League

People can improve their knowledge regarding Premier League club and player. This also apply to the player role or player position. Not only they know player from big club in Premier League, but they also will know player from weak club that may help them to get big point from it.

Currently, Fantasy Premier League already started. Current week is four. they still have 34 following week. It still not too late to start enjoy this game and compete with other people from around the world. So, here I attach Team of the Week for week 4 with the point every player get and the total point.


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