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The Northern Sea Route to provide additional types of cargo transportation

ST. PETERSBURG, Sept 24, 2023 – More than 23 million tons of cargo were transported along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in the first eight months of 2023. It is 1.5% higher than last year’s figure.

Additionally, transit transportation has been launched again on the NSR. These facts were highlighted during the session “The World Transport Northern Route” held at the Eastern Economic Forum.

“For a few weeks of summer-autumn navigation, more than 1 million tons of transit cargoes have already been transported along the Arctic Ocean.

Cargo from the Baltic Sea towards Asia has gone to the NSR. There is a high probability that transit volumes along the NSR will renew historic highs this year”, noted Vladimir Panov, ROSATOM Special Representative for the Arctic Development, during the session.

The NSR provides transportation of a large number of goods that today go to Russia and Europe by road and rail. Of the 22 two categories of goods, 15 can be transported year-round, including cars, machinery, consumer goods, furniture, and electronics.

“We are carrying Russian products – oil and gas – from the Russian northwest ports via the NSR in this year navigation period. However, containerized cargoes will go in the near future. Active work is underway to form an international container line along the NSR.

Now there is substantive work on the nomenclature of cargoes possible for transportation, in terms of storage temperature and temperature minimums in the Arctic region”, Vladimir Panov added.

The transit potential of the NSR demonstrates interest from international business, primarily Asian and Middle Eastern companies.

They consider the container corridor through the NSR as an additional environmentally sustainable route as it allows to reduce the distance from Northern Europe to China by almost 40% in comparison to the Suez Canal route and cut in half the sailing time. At the end of 2020, about 1,300,000 tons of cargo were transited through the NSR and 61 vessels, 42 of which were foreign.

In 2021, the transit flow increased to 2 million tons. In 2021, 86 ships passed there, including 75 foreign vessels. One of the world’s largest shipping companies, Chinese COSCO Shipping, made 14 voyages along the NSR last year.–THE MALAYA POST

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