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The establishment of 1,878 civil communities is a powerful government information flow effort

The establishment of 1,878 civil communities throughout the country is able to empower the government’s efforts to channel information to the people with the cooperation of all parties at the grassroots level.

Earlier, the Cabinet agreed to the establishment, and for Penang, the Malaysian Information Department (JaPen) will establish 120 MADANI communities involving 40 State Legislative Assembly (DUN) constituencies.

To be sure, the MADANI community is a multi-racial voluntary body managed by JaPen to cultivate good values and nationhood among the people, besides helping to channel information and government initiatives that are authentic and fast to the grassroots level continuously.

The government also very much welcomes community participation in efforts to preserve an informed community and deliver authentic, transparent, and useful information.

The effort to spread the concept and direction of Madani Malaysia is a shared responsibility, and he is confident that the Madani Community is ready to move as a team that supports the spirit of unity for the well-being of the country.

What is clear is the concept of Madani Malaysia aspired to by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, which prioritises community balance in national development so that progress and prosperity can be felt by the people.

The irony is that Malaysia Madani is a guide and an integrated effort as a more humane administrative policy based on mutual respect and celebrating diversity.–THE MALAYA POST

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