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Paid For Their Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance—But They Still Stand To Gain A Lot

It’s not all about the money, honey.

Performing during the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show is kind of a big deal. Not only do you have millions of people watching at home, but you’re also performing to a huge crowd inside the stadium during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. But while you enjoy J. Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show performance this weekend, you might be surprised to know that they won’t be paid for it, according to Forbes.

That’s right: Super Bowl halftime showperformers typically aren’t paid anything to do the show. The NFL only covers union scale, which is the minimum amount people in a union are paid to do a job, as well production costs, which the Wall Street Journal has reported have exceeded $10 million in recent years.

You might be wondering why Shakira and J. Lo, along with huge performers like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Maroon 5, have agreed to do the gig for free. Well, Forbes cited a few reasons. For one, it’s typically a pretty big honor. Many performers have mentioned personal dreams of doing the show and if they want it badly enough, they probably wouldn’t pass it up even if they weren’t rewarded with money.

For another, it gives performers a HUGE platform. The Super Bowl can boast 100 million viewers and that doesn’t count how many others are simply aware of it andwho might watch clips on social media later. See: Lady Gaga’s album shooting to number two on the charts following her show and Justin Timberlake’s 214 percent increase in Spotify streams after his.

All this to say, none of us should weep for Shakira and J. Lo for not making bank directly from the performance. After all, they’re huge superstars now and this weekend’s performance only has the potential to make them even more so.

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