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KL Fashion Weekend 2021: A New Dimension, An NFT Metaverse Exhibition Presentation

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 – KL Fashion Weekend 2021 returns with a first for the local fashion Industry, an NFT Meta Verse fashion show for all to enjoy! Organised by Tradisi Busana PR, and proudly supported by PENJANA, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, (KKMM) and MyCreative Ventures and will be broadcast to public from the 25th to 28th of November via

“Kl Fashion Weekend 2021 will be the first fashion event to be presented in ‘PHYGITAL’ or ‘Digi-physical’, a combination of both the physical world as well as the digital world (metaverse). This is unprecedented in Malaysia and will be making history for the local fashion industry. For the first time in history too, we will be introducing NFTs (Non-fungible Token) for fashion. We aim to introduce a new landscape for the local fashion industry with digitalisation and sustainability,” said Dodi Mohammad, Event Producer and Founder of the KL Fashion Weekend events.

He added, “We would also like to thank MyCreative Ventures for facilitating the Grant under PENJANA Plan for the Creative Industries, which helped towards organising KL Fashion Weekend 2021. The attention and care shown towards the creative communities and practitioners, has given us the strength to keep going and has helped re-boot the industry.”

The designers featured in KL Fashion Weekend 2021 represent the whole spectrum of the local fashion industry. Included in the line-up are established houses like Zang Toi in collaboration with Nang Surya Batik, Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi and Lord’s, emerging designer labels i.e., Wan & Mary, Tym Fatimah, Bin Qareem, Ked Depo by Faisol Abdullah, Atma Alam, Jafiqa and Ash Majid, as well as promising young graduates from UiTM and Raffles who have recently entered the industry. The whole exercise is to also to promote fashion education that is available in the country.

KL Fashion Weekend believes in the promotion of our artisanal fashion production capabilities. That’s why we aim to create a working paradigm and a proper commercial ecosystem for them. It is obvious that Malaysia will not be able to compete with countries like China, India or Vietnam for cheap labour. However, we are blessed with many skilled artisans who are passionate about their work and they are not mere factory workers. We believe that these valuable resources in the form of seamstresses and tailors as well as craftsmen could be reintroduced locally among our own designers and globally,” stated Dodi.

The Group CEO of MyCreative Ventures, Junady Nawawi said, “KL Fashion Weekend is one of the beneficiaries of the Creative Industry Recovery Grant (CIRG) under the PENJANA Plan for the Creative Industries. This is one of the many initiatives by the Government through MyCreative that ranges from grants, matching investment soft loans, fast track soft loans and complementary programmes such as digital training, guidance and collaborations,”

“Throughout the pandemic, MyCreative has administered a full spectrum of recovery initiatives for the creative industries, including the PENJANA Plan for the Creative Industries, Malaysian Creative Industry Stimulus Package (PRISMA) and National People’s Well-Being and Economic Recovery Package (PEMULIH). We remain committed to assisting the creative communities and practitioners to get back on their feet and move forward,” he added.

KL Fashion Weekend 2021 is presented to audience from the heritage mansion, Rumah Tangsi. The venue was aptly chosen for its tie to the fashion and retail industry in Malaysia. The owner of Rumah Tangsi, Loke Chow Kit was a well-known mining magnate and municipal councillor who also started the first department store in Malaysia – Chow Kit & Co – the largest in KL at the time.

The Event will also feature Live Webinars with various fashion personalities and experts in their field including Jill Sinclair, the founder of Bespoke & British, Latiff Napolean, London-based fashion photographer and Puan Zubaidah Sual A.M.N, advisor to the National Museum and a cultural activist for the conservation and preservation of Malay traditional textiles, costumes and accessories. All Webinars will be presented by Dato’ Yasmin Yusuff.

MyCreative Ventures is a government investment arm set up to spur Malaysia’s creative industry via strategic and innovative funding.

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