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J-KOM strengthens identity and love for the country through the Semarak Madani programme

The Community Communications Department (J-KOM) is strengthening the identity and instilling the spirit of love for the country through the Semarak MADANI programme to cease suspicion and hatred among the people.

J-KOM director-general Datuk Dr Muhammad Agus Yusoff said the programme also aimed at promoting mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation of the diversity of Malaysian society in line with the aspirations of Malaysia MADANI.

Therefore, the organisation of the Semarak MADANI programme, in addition to meeting people through various activities, is also one of the government’s initiatives to address local issues and find space to help the people face these issues,“ he said after opening the Bukit Jarum Sports and Recreation Club and the Bukit Jarum Football Academy here today.

Muhammad Agus said the programme would be continued throughout the country to know the people’s needs and disseminate the correct information.

“J-KOM’s Semarak MADANI programme has entered its sixth series and was previously carried out in the Central Zone-Tambun, Perak; Central Zone-Sepang, Selangor; Southern Zone-Rembau and Sikamat, Negeri Sembilan; and Northern Zone- Pendang, Kedah.

“This programme is a platform for community unification through collaboration with the Neighbourhood Watch Areas (KRT), residents’ associations, mosque kariah as well as Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK),“ he said.

Muhammad Agus said future programmes would not only involve the villagers but also taxi drivers, Felda community, people with disabilities and homeless.

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