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It looks like Lindsay Lohan is still trying to get noticed by Liam Hemsworth — because she returned to the comments section of his Instagram page with another message!

Liam Hemsworth posted a series of new surfing photos to his Instagram page and Lindsay Lohan took notice! She commented on the photo with a ‘praying hands’ emoji, and fans definitely took notice. “Mate, I’m Liam’s thirsty commenter here.

Don’t come for my position,” one person replied to the comment, with another adding, “Wow you are living in a fantasy land, huh?” However, not everyone had negative things to say — some commenters also defended Lindsay’s decision to post on Liam’s page.

Foto : Instagram Liam Hemsworth
Foto : Instagram Liam Hemsworth

“Can’t a girl comment without people overthinking that she wants to hop on his meat?” one person wrote. Someone else added, “Post any emoji you want, babe.”

Of course, this is not the first time that Lindsay has shown interest in Liam.

Back in September, a photo of Liam hanging out in Australia popped up on Instagram, and Linday commented, “Why didn’t we meet in Sydney or Bondi?!”

At the time, Lindsay was in Australia, herself, while filming The Masked Singer.

Shortly after making the flirty comment, Lindsay publicly admitted that she was single after recently going through a breakup.

Of course, Liam also ended his longtime relationship with Miley Cyrus this past summer, too.


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