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Goofy WHO Expert Demonstrates The Correct Way To Wear A Face Mask

“It works if you do it properly.”

Meet Seto Wing Hong

He is a professor of the school of public health at the Hong Kong University and is also the co-director of the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control.

The WHOCC expert was recently on Bloomberg.

Seto was speaking about the Wuhan virus outbreak that has now reached Malaysia’s shores and practising correct infection control.

During his interview with Bloomberg’s Yvonne Man and Tom Mackenzie on 24 January, Seto was asked if wearing a face mask can help keep people safe and prevent the spread of the outbreak.

“It works,” Seto replied, adding, “if you do it properly.”

The WHOCC expert then went on to demonstrate the correct way to wear a face mask. While he was giving the demonstration, many online were tickled by his goofy mannerism.

Watch Seto show you how to correctly put on the mask:



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