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Your Hairstyle Can Be The Culprit Behind Your Frequent Headaches

01/4Yes, you read it right!

Whether you are exercising or cleaning your messy house, there is no other hairstyle as comfortable and as convenient as the classic high ponytail. It is the easiest way to tie your hair so you can concentrate on your work properly without getting irritated by your locks that keep falling on your face.

But do you know that sweeping your hair up into a tight elastic can cause throbbing headache, which can make it even more difficult for you to focus on your work? Yes, this is true! Even your hairstyle can contribute to your headaches and the situation can get worse depending on how firmly you have fastened your hair.

02/4Why does it happen?

Pulling your hair back tightly with the help of an elastic rubber puts pressure on your scalp and pulls your hair follicles, causing a headache. The hair follicles have a rich nerve supply and when it is pulled tightly, it starts paining.

People suffering from migraine are more prone to getting headaches by this hairstyle due to the baseline level of hypersensitivity of the nerves around the face and scalp. Pain occurring from a non-painful stimulus of the scalp or skin is called cutaneous allodynia. It can also be provoked by combing or tying the hair, shaving, showering, wearing glasses or earrings. Allodynia can spread all over the head and any contact with that area can make you feel uncomfortable, including your hairstyle.

03/4What to do?

Avoid certain types of hairstyle, which put too much pressure on your scalp. Tight ponytail or bun should be shunned at all cost. You can opt for loose ponytails or buns at the nape of the neck. In case your head is already pounding, then do not tie your waves at it. Instead, leave your hair down. During workouts, you can part your hair from sides or middle and make a loose ponytail or a braid.

04/4 Other symptoms

A tight ponytail will not cause headache, but over time it can lead to hair loss along the hairline above the forehead. Try to change your hairstyle from time to time. If you have been parting your locks from the middle from a long time then try to part it from sides. –THE MALAYA POST

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