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You Definitely Grew Up In Malaysia If You Played These 10 Games When You Were A Kids

1. Congkak

Hands up if you had that iconic colourful plastic set! The game would go on practically forever as you and your opponent took turns trying to get the most tokens in your rumah.

The most kan cheong moment was always the race at the start to determine who goes first and when you almost accidentally place a token into a lubang mati.

2. Batu seremban

There’s always that one gang of girls who are super pro at batu seremban. They confirm each bring their own set that they sewed themselves to school everyday and will be gathered in one corner of the class throwing, flipping, and catching with ease.

The most menyusahkan and geram level is the one where you have to grab all the batu at once, flip them onto the back of your hand, then throw and catch them all again.

3. Baling selipar

This is probably the easiest, most no-effort-required game we ever played. All we had to do was stack up our slippers into a little teepee and try to knock them down with our remaining slippers. Our parents would always nag us for walking around barefoot while playing though.

4. Chup tiang

Every school has that one spot with rows of tiangs that are just perfect for playing this. No matter what time of the day you lalu there, whether it’s before perhimpunan, during rehat, or after school is over, confirm got people running around claiming tiangs for themselves.

5. Pepsi cola

Somehow something as simple as standing in a circle and trying to step on each other’s foot was so fun to us lol. In hindsight, this game is totally the reason why our white school shoes were always so dirty man!

6. Lompat getah

We’d hoard all of the getah we get when we buy stuff until we finally have enough to string together into a looonnggggg jump rope. You’d always feel like a total badass when you managed to pass the (literally) higher levels without touching the rope aww yeaahh!

7. All of the variations of one two jus

We could probably write an entire story just on all the different types we used to play. Our personal favourite is the one where you either get to take a step back or have to stretch your leg forward until it touches your opponent’s foot.

Man, we sure do miss the good days when we were super flexible without breaking a sweat. What’s your favourite version of one two jus?

8. The “chopsticks” game

We probably didn’t realise it back then but playing this totally helped us practise basic maths haha. Didn’t you just hate it when the person you’re playing with keeps using their turn to clap and change the number of fingers they’re holding out instead of tapping your fingers? It’s those kinds of people that make the game go on for way longer than necessary ugh!

9. Fire and ice

Exactly like playing ‘catching’ except you have to freeze when the catcher (ice) taps you, and you can only start moving again once someone else (fire) taps you again. The pain of just standing there waiting for someone to “melt” you was too real man, and you’d always end up yelling at your friends to hurry up already.

10. The “break finger” game

The worst part of playing this game is when you salah aim and end up hurting your own finger without affecting your opponent at all owwww! And somehow there’s usually never an in-between, you’ll either be on a winning or losing streak throughout all the levels. –THE MALAYA POST

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