Putin secures a landslide victory, obtaining 87 percent of the votes


MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin secu: President Vladimir Putin secured a resounding victory in the three-day Presidential Election held since March 15.

This is based on preliminary polling results by the observer body, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM).

Among other things, the initial results revealed that Putin, a former KGB spy, won with 87.8 percent of the votes.ctory in the three-day Presidential Election held since March 15.

Meanwhile, his competitor, Communist candidate Nikolai Kharitonov, secured second place with nearly 4 percent of the votes.

Vladislav Davankov took third place, and ultra-nationalist Leonid Slutsky came in fourth, each receiving only 3.8 and 3 percent of the votes, respectively.

Putin’s victory in the preliminary results is the most stylish ever recorded for a post-Soviet leader. The win means Putin easily secures another six-year term, surpassing Josef Stalin’s record and becoming the longest-serving leader of Russia.

This victory will further solidify his grip on power in the country.–THE MALAYA POST

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