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Hugh Grant hits out at trolls attacking his wife Anna Eberstein

Hugh Grant has hit out at trolls who he says have been launching attacks on his wife Anna Eberstein.

The actor got married for the first time last year at the age of 57 to his long-term Swedish girlfriend, with whom he has three children.

Grant had already faced down his own trolls earlier this month by posting a mugshot from 1995 when he was arrested with a sex worker.

It came amid backlash for his political activism during the general election campaign, when he urged constituents to vote tactically.

In a tweet on Monday, Grant said he had been shown Twitter jibes aimed at TV producer Ms Eberstein and told his “trolly friends” to “leave her alone or say it to my face”.

He wrote: “One more word to my trolly friends. Troll me as much as you like. Goes with the territory.

“But I’ve been shown some attacks on my wife. She’s never pushed herself forward in any way.”

He added: “She’s just a brilliant, funny woman who I happen to love. Leave her alone or say it to my face.”

Earlier in the day, Grant had opened up about his wedding in an interview with Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio Breakfast show.

The Love Actually star said he had been averse to the idea of both marriage and children for a long time.

He was plugging his new Guy Ritchie movie The Gentlemen when he spoke about tying the knot with Ms Eberstein.

“It was a very small affair, that’s all,” he said, adding: “It was very nice getting married.

“It was another thing I put off too many decades. Very nice. Very nice being married.”

Asked why he put it off so long, the actor said he said: “Well, I was just plain wrong. I was wrong. And children, you know, I used to roll my eyes.

“People would say “oh Hugh you don’t understand it”, but they were right.”

His political activism during the general election campaign had attracted an intense backlash from social media users.

Posting the mugshot earlier this month, Grant wrote: “To my dear trolls. Hope this is helpful. Now you have more time to spend with mummy.”


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