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‘Gun purses’ to help women protect themselves from rape gangs become ‘must have’ accessory in India

A range of security gadgets aimed at arming women against sexual assaults has been unveiled by an inventor.

Shyam Chaurasia from the northern Indian city of Varanasi has developed a number of products fitted with built in guns for women, including lipstick, purses and shoes.

The inventor of the gadgets works at the Ashoka Institute of Technology and Management and claims the lipstick is designed to be an innovative way of “dispersing” a potential attacker rather than shooting them.

Priyanka Sharma, who lived close to the test site tried it out for herself said: “I like it very much and I am sure everyone will also like this.

“This will be very important for women because crime against women is increasing everyday.”

Speaking about his inspiration, Shyam told news site Ruptly he designed the prototype device after seeing an increase in crime against women.

“The lipstick gun is especially for women’s safety, not only for Indian women, but wherever women are facing harassment and rape,” said Shyam.

“In case the woman is in trouble or anyone tries anything and she is not carrying a mobile phone, she can press a button on the lipstick gun which is linked to Bluetooth and it will immediately make a call to the 112 emergency number and share her location with the emergency service, so the police can arrive to help her.

“Meanwhile, before the police arrive, the lipstick will also fire a [blank round] bullet and alert the public who can come to help her.”

The news comes as women all over India have joined protests demanding an end to violence against women.

A 17-year-old girl died after she was allegedly gang-raped by her fiancée’s friends in December last year.

Her devastated parents accused their daughter’s 23-year-old fiancée of setting her on fire when they failed to come up with the £500 dowry he had requested.

In the same month a rape victim was set on fire on her way to court as she went to testify against her attackers.

The woman is reported to have walked nearly a kilometre looking for help while 95 per cent of her body burned and she eventually had to call the police herself.

India has had strict gun laws since they were established during the country’s British colonial rule.

According to the Washington Post getting a gun licence in India is an incredibly difficult task that can take years.

In the 2016 the laws tightened further, as gun owners have to show that they have been trained, carry their firearms only in holders and secure them in a “knocked down” condition in gun lockers at home.

The government also designated certain gun-free zones across the country.

Shyam is currently working on getting a patent for the gadgets. –THE MALAYA POST

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SourceThe Sun

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