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BigPay, better than a bank never at a bank

You’ve been ripped off for decades, it’s time things change. BigPay is everything  you wish your bank was, fair, transparent, frictionless. No hidden fees.

RM10 each.

Sharing is caring, people. Every time one of your friends becomes a part of the revolution and activates his/her BigPay card,  we’ll reward you both with RM10.

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More Money, More Travels.

Spending with BigPay earns you BIG Points on every transaction. Use them to redeem free flights.

Best currency exchange rateBanks.

Charge you a mark-up fee on top of the currency exchange rate. We don’t. That’s more money for you.

International bank transfer.

Transfer money from your BigPay to bank accounts in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines & Indonesia. Hassle-free and transparent.

Discount on AIRASIA.COM.

Save money on processing fees and enjoy rebates on pre-booked meals whenever you fly with AirAsia.

Send and receive money instantly.

Doing a bank transfer to one of your friends takes way too long. With BigPay, it’s as easy as sending a WhatsApp.

A card together with an app.

Unlike e-wallets, your BigPay card is accepted world-wide. Receive instant notifications and freeze it in one tap.

Integrated expense manager.

Ever tried keeping tabs on your spending? Well, BigPay does it for you – right from the app. Next level analytics.

Managing your money just got a lot easier with #BigPay! ⁠⁠We tell you how much you've spent at the end of every month…

Dikirim oleh BigPay pada Jumat, 10 Januari 2020

No hidden fees, full transparency.

Banks like to hide fees. We don’t. BigPay is free to get and free to keep. Even our ATM withdrawal fees are fixed. 

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