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Atomflot’s icebreakers for the first time carried a vessel with a record-breaking cargo capacity through the Arctic

ST. PETERSBURG, Sept 20, 2023 – The nuclear-powered icebreaker Taimyr and the universal nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir have recently completed the escort of the bulk carrier Gingo (CapeSize vessel) with a cargo of 164.5 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate in the area of Cape Dezhnev in the waters of the Northern Sea Route.

For the first time Atomflot’s (a part of the ROSATOM group) icebreakers performed the operation of escorting a vessel with deadweight of over 169 thousand tons from west to east.

The icebreaking operation consisted of two stages. At the beginning, the nuclear-powered ship Taimyr ensured safe passage of the vessel through the Kara Sea, after that the bulk carrier independently crossed the Laptev Sea.

In the universal nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir provided icebreaker escort in the East Siberian Sea.

The length of the icebreaking route was 620 miles with an average speed of 10 knots.

“The Northern Sea Route is quite popular with cargo carriers. Understanding weather conditions and ice conditions, it is possible to plan the most comfortable and safe route for the vessel. The crews of the nuclear-powered ships made a truly unique icebreaking trip. The large-tonnage bulk carrier crossed the Northern Sea Route in 13 days. It is worth noting that it would have taken twice as long to cross the Suez Canal”, commented Andrei Tenitsky, Atomflot Advisor to the Director General.

The Northern Sea Route as an additional transport corridor may become a new route for global logistics that may increase sustainability of the global supply chain and have a positive impact on the world trade.

The corridor allows to reduce the distance from Northern Europe to Chinese ports by almost 40% in comparison to the Suez Canal route and cut in half the sailing time.

Atomflot provides up-to-date nuclear vessels for escorting cargo ships in the waters of the NSR.

Today company’s icebreaker fleet includes seven nuclear-powered icebreakers and one nuclear-powered container ship Sevmorput. These vessels ensure speeding up transit of cargo ships and making the way safe and ecological.–THE MALAYA POST

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